About Us

Symtec Pty Limited began delivering specialist electronic security solutions in April 2000. Initially, Symtec provided solutions to financial institutions and health insurance companies, however, our expertise has since extended into a wide range of commercial and corporate security applications.

The products and services that we deliver are:

Symtec Pty Limited has carried security installations for clients such as:

Not only does Symtec have a thorough understanding of the Challenger system for both financial & commercial application but also has the expertise to handle almost all types of security systems.

Security products implemented in our systems are sourced from the most reputable suppliers such as Direct Alarm Supplies (Challenger products, detectors & Samsung, Panasonic, Pelco & Pacom CCTV products).

Security installations utilising the latest in alarm, access control and CCTV technologies are carried out by Symtec in compliance with Australian Standards and according to the specific requirements of our customers.

All of Symtec’s installations are warranted for at least 12 months with backup service readily available to ensure your security system is performing perfectly.

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